Welcome to our Brand Asset Management Website

At Alaska Airlines, we take a great deal of pride in our brand, along with the brand assets we've developed to distinguish our products and services in the marketplace. This site is designed to serve as a central repository of all the design elements, tools, and guidelines you need to produce marketing and other communication materials that are consistent with our high standards.

Approval, Guidance and Support

Approval: To ensure quality and consistency with established brand standards, all materials utilizing protected marks and other proprietary assets on this site that will be distributed externally or to more than 50 employees within Alaska and/or Horizon must be submitted for approval prior to production and/or distribution. The approval process consists of:

  1. Attach a Word, Power Point, or PDF of copy and layout to an email and send to creative.services@alaskaair.com
  2. Allow 1 - 2 business days for a response
  3. Make changes (if requested) and re-submit for final approval

Guidance: Our Graphic Resources team consists of brand managers, designers, and marketers from across the company who have the expertise to help with ideas, advice, and direction. Contact them via email at creative.services@alaskaair.com

Support: Whether it's electronic or print, our Graphic Resources department can provide the support you need to bring your marketing or other communications materials to life. Contact Graphic Resources via email at creative.services@alaskaair.com. For more information about Graphic Resources services and capabilities, check out their website at http://ics.insideaag.com/graphicresources/

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All marks, logos, and images are the property of Alaska Airlines, Inc. and/or Horizon Air, Inc. Use of any of the marks, logos, images on this site must be cleared with Alaska Airlines AND/OR Horizon Air, and may only be used for products approved by Alaska Airlines AND Horizon Air. This applies to all newsletter articles/coupons, statements inserts, web use, and any misc. print collateral.

For usage permission of any Alaska Airlines marks, logos, images: work with your Alaska or Horizon project contact or:
Chase Craig, Brand & Product Marketing Manager, 206-392-5878, chase.craig@alaskaair.com

For technical assistance contact: Kari Connor at WONGDOODY, 206-624-5325, kari.connor@wdcw.com.